Why All About Honeymoons?

Your vacation, honeymoon, or destination wedding should be an amazing experience. The details can become over whelming and frustrating. This can be very stressful and, in the end, cost you a lot of money and heart ache if you make a mistake.

This is why you should use an expert. We have the time and expertise to research and communicate with airlines, hotels, tour companies, wedding coordinators, and many others to ensure everything is exactly as you have requested and present you your complete vacation package.

Why Use Theresa Masterson, Romance Travel Specialist?

You’re invited to compare Theresa Masterson’s personalized service against any others…

♥ The Best Value for Your Travel Dollar
. We research a wide variety of travel suppliers, shopping for the best service and value. We let you know about special promotions and can advise you on the quality of a particular product to ensure it meets your needs.

♥ Convenient One-Stop Shopping. You’ll save time and money with a travel agent handling every aspect of your trip, from air tickets, transfers, car rentals and lodging to excursions and much more.

♥ Customer Advocate. Encounter a problem during your trip? Your Romance Travel Specialist will go to bat for you to ensure that the issue is resolved before, during, and/or after travel. We want to be your travel company for life.

♥ Professional Guidance. The travel industry can be quite complicated and overwhelming. It’s  comforting to know your travel agent will help you decipher the information and make sure you are adequately informed and prepared. We know the business and will work hard to make sure you are at the right resort to meet your desires and will not leave anything to chance. Your romantic travel experience is important to us too!

♥ Personalized Service. We’re not some impersonal voice or website. We’re right here, a local business and members of the community. We will take the time to understand your travel needs and expectations.

♥ Unbiased Information. Our travel suppliers work for us and you, not the other way around.

♥ Trust – The Most important: We’re not some anonymous website or long distance number.

We’re a local business in your community. We are here when you need to reach us.

This is a very special time in your life and you deserve the very best travel and wedding experience possible.

We’ll be here when you’re ready to call. (417) 883-5509