Theresa Masterson



I knew I found my true passion when I was introduced to the honeymoon and romance travel business 10 years ago. It thrills me to be a part of planning your first trip as Mr. & Mrs. I have a very personal way of taking care of my clients. The more I know about what you and what you want to do, the more I can provide you. You’ll hear me say “It’s All About YOUR Trip”, and it is. The worries of researching such an important trip are gone!

I have been blessed to create excellent relationships with top Resorts & Tour Operators to provide the best service and price for you. And…. the best part……there is NO CHARGE for my services! I work hand in hand with the tour operators and hotels.

I am fortunate to have the pleasure of traveling to wonderful resort properties in the Caribbean, Mexico, and the South Pacific Islands. This allows me to give you firsthand knowledge of these destination and resorts. I can tell you the good, bad and ugly, which is what you need to hear before you decide where to go. This is what sets me apart from the .dotcom services. You have a real live travel agent who cares about what you want and takes care of any situations that may come up.

I enjoy planning your new destination wedding and getting to know your friends and families. I also offer family travel, anniversary trips and luxury travel. My goal for you is “stress-free” traveling. I want to be your am vacation and honeymoon planner.

“It’s All About Your Trip”

I want to be your vacation, honeymoon and destination wedding planner. Give me a call today!

Theresa Masterson