Destination Wedding

Congratulations on your engagement and deciding on a Destination Wedding!

The destination wedding questionnaire is a helpful guide to assist us as we work together!

A destination wedding is… All About You! It can be the most “stress free”, cost efficient and romantic occasion for any couple. We will be a part of your team:

You can have the wedding of your dreams!

♥   We will listen to what your goals are to make this day special for you and your husband to be.
♥   We will guide you through the process and explain everything to you.
♥   We will strive to get you the best perks and specials for you and your guest.
♥   We will arrange all the travel details for you and your guest.
♥   We will work with each of your guest individually on their request.
♥   We work with the top rated destination resorts and companies that insure you receive what you’ve ask for.
♥   We are here when you need us.
♥   We do all the work for you at no extra cost!!!

Destination Wedding Questionnaire

What Is Our Role?

*We will assist you in making an informed decision on a destination and venue for your wedding based on the information you provide and working within your established budget.

*We will make the initial arrangements with the resort or venue regarding your wedding date and time. Once you are confirmed, you will then deal directly with the on-site coordinator, officiate or representative. Please copy me on e-mail correspondence.

*Provide you with guidelines and checklists regarding your travel arrangements and pre-wedding preparations.

*Inform you of any applications and/or legal requirements needed; it is however your responsibility to follow through with these requirements.

*Compose and provide a “Resort Info” letter to all guests via email.

*Make travel arrangements for couple and guests as requested. Prepare and mail travel documents to all guests. Assist you and your guests with your travel needs when they are booked through All Vacations and Honeymoons.

*Keep couple informed of guests who have made travel arrangements. Provide couple with guest’s time and dates of arrival and departure as well as accommodations information.

*Answer or research any question or concerns you have at any time before, during or after you and your guests have traveled.

Things To Keep In Mind: 

*Patience is a must when dealing with international destinations, communications can be slow.

*Many details regarding the ceremony and reception will be made when you arrive at the resort.

*When traveling there will be many things out of your control, such as flight delays, weather, and other guests at your resort. Control what you can and let the rest go.

*Get everything in writing, save any communications with the resort or destination coordinator. If it’s an international destination make sure the person you are working with clearly understands your requests.